Income tax exemption is granted for a period of 5 consecutive years starting from the year of commencement. It applies to commercial ventures engaged in the production of goods or services.

Income tax exemption or relief on business profits that are re-invested in a reserve fund and then re-invested within a year after the reserve is set up.

The right to deduct depreciation on profits for machinery, equipment, buildings and other capital assets that are subject to income tax assessment.

A relief from income tax of up to 50% on profits accrued from exported goods produced by a manufacturing business.

The right to deduct expenses for research and development activities carried out in Myanmar. The activities must be both relevant and necessary to the business’ objectives.

The right to carry forward and set-off losses for up to three consecutive years, starting from the period when the loss was incurred.

Exemption or relief from customs duty or other internal taxes (or both) on imported machinery and equipment, machinery parts and other materials used during the period the business was constructed.

Exemption or relief from customs duty or other internal taxes (or both) on raw materials imported for production for the first three years after the construction of the business was completed exemption or relief from commercial tax on goods produced for export.


 1.       Shell Scheme Booth Fittings

When planning the interior design of your booth, please take into account of the following regulations:

  • The standard height for all Shell Scheme booths is 2.5m (8.2ft). Any design with structure exceeding this height must be submitted and approved by the Organizer.
  • The walls have white laminate finish. No nailing, drilling or painting to these walls and aluminum frames is allowed. Panels can be affixed to these walls with the use of double-sided tapes or with brackets rented from the Official Stand Contractor. The Organizer and the Official Stand Contractor may demand for full compensation for any damage of wall panels, furniture, fittings and aluminum frames that are supplied on rental-basis.
  • No part of any structure of exhibits may extend beyond the boundaries of the site allocated.
  • Neon or flashing lights/ signs will not be permitted, unless it forms an integral part of an Exhibitor’s product. Sequence-lit displays may be used subject to the Organizer’ approval and the rate of the light change.
  • Aisles indicated on the floor plan must be kept clear of all exhibition goods or decoration material.
  • Exhibitors with corner booths have the choice of walls or an open side on the aisle. The wall must not obstruct the surrounding booths.
  • Exhibitors and/or contractors must clear out items not for display purposes (such as Containers, packing items) the day before the Exhibition opens and remove all exhibits and decoration materials immediately after the Exhibition period according to the schedule listed under Move in & Move out schedule. The Exhibitor will have to pay the Organizer for the cost of removing such articles from their booth if they fail to do so.
  • The washroom shall be kept clean and dry. Cleaning of paint containers or any other dirty items in the Exhibition hall is prohibited except at areas designated by the Organizer.
  • Unused furniture or fittings provided with Shell Scheme may be removed on request but the Organizer will give no financial credit for items not utilized.
  • No painting or sawing may be done to the Exhibition Hall fittings. The Exhibitors and/or contractors will be held responsible for any damages caused to the Exhibition Hall fittings by their staff, agents or contractor.

 2.       Product Demonstration

Regardless of product demonstrations in booths, demonstration areas or in any classrooms / seminars:

  • An Exhibitor intending to demonstrate heavy or working equipment:

a)         Must provide the Organizer with full details: type of equipment, its dimensions, weight, electrical and water requirements

b)         Must give proper consideration to the conditions under which the equipment will be demonstrated. Precautions must be taken for protection of the public, and legible signs displaying “DO NOT TOUCH” must be placed on any working exhibits to warn visitors to keep a safe distance.

c)         Must cause no annoyance to visitors or other Exhibitors. Where a high level of noise or other objectionable factors are involved, demonstrations may only take place at timings stipulated by the Organizer, who reserves the right to disallow a demonstration any time.

  • Must not bring in or use at the Exhibition Hall any dangerous and hazardous goods and equipment such as poisonous gas, fuel, kerosene, noxious materials, inflammable and equipment using such inflammable materials as gas stoves, kerosene stoves and electric stoves without the prior written consent of the Organizer. Even if consent is given, it will be subjected to adequate precautionary measures being taken.
  • Must not carry out any hazardous operation work.
  • Must not carry out any invasive procedures or any treatment performed by unlicensed or uncertified personnel. Exhibitors performing any type of invasive procedures must conform to the Myanmar Government regulations.
  • Precautionary measures must be taken to prevent any emission of toxic or non-toxic fumes, leakage of fluid lubricant and oil or any staining. The Organizer reserves the right to charge the cost of cleaning the stains or remedial work on the air quality to the Exhibitors.
  • The Organizer reserves the rights to remove any items, whether for display or not, deemed offensive to visitors and exhibitors.

3.       Delivery of Exhibits

  • Build-up Please refer to the Move in & Move out Schedule for site operations.
  • During the Exhibition Days

Delivery of exhibits and other exhibition stocks will not be permitted during the Exhibition opening hours. Delivery of stock replenishment may only be carried out one hour before the Exhibition opens to visitors. No delivery will be permitted after 9am during the Exhibition days and half an hour before the Opening Ceremony on the first day.


4.       Removal of Exhibits

  • During the Exhibition Days

If an Exhibitor wishes to remove any display items from the hall, the said items must be accompanied by the Removal Form and submitted to the security personnel on duty. The Removal Form can be found in the Exhibitor’s Welcome Kit or more can be obtained from the Organizer’s Office at the lobby of MCC Building.

  • Tear-down

Exhibitors are strongly advised to remove valuable and portable exhibits from the Exhibition Hall as soon as possible after 17:00pm on the final day of the Exhibition.

In order to reduce the possibility of theft, it is strongly recommended that Exhibitors assign at least one person to remain in the booth to oversee the process of moving-out your exhibits.

While the Organizer will maintain security surveillance at all times, Exhibitors are reminded that goods will be most at risk at this time and that booths should not be left unattended until all portable items have been removed and hired items and/or equipment collected by the appropriate suppliers.

Please refer to the Move in & Move out Schedule.

Note: Electricity supply to booths will be terminated 15 minutes after the Exhibition is closed on the final day. Prior arrangement can be made if any Exhibitor requires electricity to turn off or lock their machines, failing which there will be a reconnection charge for electrical supply.

5.       Operation of Exhibition Booths

  • The booth must be staffed and operational at all times during the exhibition opening hours. The Exhibitor’s staff must wear Exhibitor Badges issued by the Organizer for identification. Exhibitors shall be responsible for the good conduct of their staff, agents or representatives.
  • The Exhibitor and/or his staff must not conduct distribution of leaflets or any business activities outside their booth boundaries, unless otherwise arranged by the Organizer.
  • No Exhibitor may use air compressors or pressurized containers without prior approval by the Organizer.
  • The weight of all exhibits shall not exceed the floor loading limit.
  • All precautions must be taken by the Exhibitors against fire and to protect the public. Exhibitors who, because of the nature of their exhibits, require specific fire protection must make arrangements, at their own cost for the provision of such equipment.
  • Without the special permission of the Organizer, no exhibits can be taken into the booth after the exhibition has been officially opened, nor removed from the booth before the closing of the exhibition.
  • Fire & Safety regulations require that no goods or packing materials may be stored on access areas behind or between booths. Exhibitors should design proper storage areas with adequate access within their own booth or approach the Official Freight Forwarder for storage based on availability.
  • Each Exhibitor is responsible for indemnifying the Organizer and their agents for liability to the owners of MCC Building, public authority or the Myanmar Government and each and every other Exhibitor in respect of any action, cost, claim and demand of whatever nature consequential to any act or omission of the Exhibitor, his staff or agents.
  • The Exhibitor shall be responsible for any damages to the structure, floor, walls, pillars and any part of the Exhibition hall, the Property of the Organizer, any other Exhibitor caused by his staff, agent’s contractors in transportation, removal of exhibits, refuse and/or decoration works.
  • Exhibitors are also requested to inform the Organizer of their display items and to obtain written guidelines and permission before executing their booth layout plans
6.       Dilapidation

Exhibitors are responsible for the cost of making well or replacing any damages or dilapidation to the exhibition premises, whether caused by themselves, their agents, contractors or by any person or persons employed or engaged on their behalf by such agents or contractors.

Exhibitors occupying Shell Scheme are also responsible for the cost of making good, restoring or renewing any damages or dilapidation to their Shell Scheme booth structures, floor covering, light fittings and/or any part thereof, whether caused by themselves or their agents, contractors or by any persons employed or engaged on their behalf by such agents or contractors.

The cost of making good any damages will be assessed by the Official Stand Contractor and charged to the exhibitor. The Organizer, together with the hall owners, will inspect the hall before and after the exhibition.


 7.       Smoking

Smoking is prohibited at all times in the building, including Exhibition hall, lobbies, food service area, public and service corridor and washroom.


8.       Fire Precaution

All precautions must be taken by the Exhibitors against fire. Exhibitors, who because of the nature of their exhibits require specific fire protection, must make arrangement at their own cost for the provision of such equipment.

Any person, on seeing an outbreak of fire or slight, must make immediate use of the fire alarm system, and subsequently make every endeavor to extinguish the outbreak or to confine it by the use of extinguishers and/or removal of goods in the vicinity.


9.       Storage & Waste Materials

Arrangements for the safe-keeping or storage facilities in the hall for packing cases, surplus materials or other properties of the Exhibitor must be made with the Official Freight Forwarder. For fire & safety regulations, Exhibitors are not permitted to store their empty cartons or packing materials behind or between booths.


10.   Video Tapes / Discs Censorship

Foreign exhibitors bringing in video tapes / discs for exhibition purposes must obtain a censorship clearance at least 4 weeks prior to the exhibition.

Exhibitors may also request assistance from the Official Freight Forwarder for the above services as they are familiar with such procedure. You are advised to courier these materials “Freight Prepaid” to them by the deadline to enable them to arrange for censorship clearance and to obtain a public entertainment license on your behalf.


11.   Promotional Activities

Any promotion activity involving organized competition, quiz or entertainment celebrities will need to notify the Organizer.


12.   Freight Moving

Official Freight Forwarder provides a comprehensive range of services that includes customs clearance, transportation, on-site handling and re-export arrangements. No other freight forwarders are allowed to work on-site for loading, unloading, moving and delivering exhibitor freight to and from the exhibitor’s booth. However, exhibitors are allowed to bring into the exhibit halls through the cargo lifts, roller shutter or exhibit hall front entrance the following:

a)              Hand-carried items or items not larger than a two-wheeled baggage cart to move them;

b)              Racks with four wheels are allowed for moving garments on clothes-hangers;

We strongly recommend that you engage the Official Freight Forwarder’s services or its overseas agents worldwide that are well versed with the exhibition logistics requirement. However, if you decide not to engage the overseas agents, please ensure that your freight forwarders’ comply with the deadlines and instruction in order for at your exhibits to be correctly dispatched and consigned. Failure to comply will cause necessary delays in clearance and may lead to additional expenses incurred by the Exhibitors.

It is also advisable for all promotional materials, printed matters, video and slides to be forwarded to the Official Freight Forwarder for approval in advance. Please refer to the shipping instruction and its deadlines.


13.   Security & Theft & Precautions

Exhibitors are reminded to keep a close eye on your small exhibits &precautionpersonnel property, valuable working models and other sophisticated items at their stand in the exhibition hall and beware of pickpocketing.

For those small display items, please do not put it on the table, it should be put into the glass displayed showcase or use a chain to lock up.  Reputable security guard will be on duty day and night, but will not guarantee against loss. Contact VEAS should exhibitors wish to have their booths mind personally.

14.   Telecommunication

You can also ask Organizers’ team helping you in advance to buy the prepaid card.

Note that roaming is also possibility for many international mobile systems



Step 1: Exhibitor will make packing list according to organizer’s sample and contact to organizer’s official forwarder.

Step 2: The official forwarder will apply OGL (from Ministry of Commerce) and make customs clearance under organizer's authorities and carry to the booths.

Note: There are product categories needs to apply additional permit and pay tax (import tax, around 10%; commercial tax, around 5%) if exhibitor want to sell their products after exhibition, the forwarder will help to get this permit.

The process should be around 1 month before exhibition.


Official Freight Forwarder



(AEL  Trading& Service Co., Ltd )

308/18 BinhLoi St., Ward 13, BinhThanh Dist., HCMC, Vietnam

Tel: +84 8 62581123

Fax: +84 8 62581129

Website: http://www.aelvn.com


 Source: http://www.myanmarcustoms.gov.mm/importprocedure.aspx



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